United States

We ship out from multiple US warehouses. Depending on the warehouse, demand and current stock, it usually takes

7-14 business days until you'll receive your order. 

Outside United States:

Please allow us a timeframe of 18-36 Business Days for shipping the goods to you. Exceptions are countries like South America, where shipping can take up to 58 Business Days.

We apologize for any inconveniences that may occur, as in individual cases, we may run out of stock on products we've had plenty of orders on and have to re-order them. Thus, shipping, though infrequently, can be delayed.



In the unlikely event, your items won't arrive at your door, check the following things:

1) Has one of your flatmates picked up your item?
2) Is there a similar address nearby, where it could have been mistakenly delivered to?
3) Call your post-office and ask them about your package

If those 3 steps were unsuccessful, don't hesitate and immediately reach out to us

We'll respond quickly and get the issue sorted!

The Daily Dog Coach wishes you a pleasant shopping experience!