Top Gadgets to Help Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Sure, there is the typical dog balancing on a paddle-board that needs lots of patience and practice to master, or just plain jumping in the water and hanging out in the shade, and maybe some ice to cool you down. But, how can we make “cooling-off” time fun for your dog AND you, and maybe with your kids if you got some?

Well, there can be several water ways that you, your family and your dog can have fun while staying cool this summer. So, here are some of our top gadgets and fun ideas that can help you step in that water-fun’s direction:

1. Kid's sprinkler toys can add some excitement to the party.

a. Octopus Sprinkler

b. Fire Hydrant Sprinkler

c. Flower Water Spray Toy

2. Garden Water Sprinklers can both water your lawn and entertain the dog.

3. Dog Water Fountain – just the right size for a new kind of training trick.

4. Floating Toys for the pool, ocean, or lake.

a. Water Jet Crocodile Floating Toy

b. Toy Water Shark

c. Cactus Ring Toss Pool Game

d. 4-Legged Pool Floaty

5. Dog Sprinkler Pad but kids can play with it too!

With so many water gadgets available on the market, playing with dogs in the water can be just as fun as Disneyland! Well, maybe not with all the rides and candy...but with happy puppy spirits full of playful energy it can be. Then make your own Disney Waterpark in your backyard and make your own special summertime Disney movie for YouTube or short for Tik Tok. A whole new summer adventure awaits!

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