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Helping Children to Conquer Their Fears Over Dogs

Children and dogs in the same household poses an interesting situation, especially if the canine sees the human animal hierarchy in a certain way. If the children do not behave as the alpha animal then most likely the dog or puppy will see them as just like them, a sibling to play with and dominate. So when dogs and puppies try to dominate children, the children get scared which turns into fear, running away, crying, and asking for help.

So, how can we teach our kids to become the alpha animal? This is where leash training comes in. We have to actually create a line of communication from human to animal, so that animal knows how to listen. Sure they can "hear" our voice, but do they really know what to do when we communicate to them?

Leash training also teaches a dog the household hierarchy, that they are second to humans in the household. So when the child takes the leash and leads the dog or puppy around, not only will the dog or puppy learn his or her place, but the child will learn to be more confident, leading the puppy rather than running away from it. Does that make sense?

As a dog trainer in San Diego, I had a great challenging experience being able to help a young boy conquer his fear of his dog who seemed to not recognize him as an alpha animal. The boy was fearful of this dog which made the dog want to chase him even more. So we deployed the "Gentle Lead Head Collar" tactic to help ease the boys worries, ensuring his dog would be under control while he walked him. His mother was shocked because finally, he was able to safely walk his own dog down the street, as shown in the video below...

Of course, the dog from the video above dig go through his own dog training at first. And then the little boy was shown how he could walk his dog. But he had to realize that much like a sport, it takes practice to be able to handle our dogs. It does not just happen overnight. So with daily practice life with dogs gets a lot easier!

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