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Awesome Dog Social Media Superstars

Updated: Aug 31

When we are proud to be a parent and proud of our pet, we want to make them a superstar!  Then when some of us dog lovers see another dog on social media, we can get competitive and think, “my dog can do better.”  But however you choose to express your pet parent pride, social media has become the mainstream for pet superstardom to rise.   Hollywood is filled with colorful animal characters that will not ever grow old.  From animation to real life Benjies, it’s impossible to resist enjoying puppy-dog eyed entertainment.  Scooby Doo was my favorite cartoon classic, blustering through spooky mysteries all for a Scooby Snack.  Then there is Disney’s Pluto who could never outsmart those rascally chipmunks (poor guy).  He did, however, win my heart so I guess he’s my super smart hero after all.  What’s your favorite canine cartoon character?   Better yet, do you have a favorite Canine YouTuber, Dogstagram or a dog of Tik Tok?  No more doggie auditions to try to make in the entertainment biz.  The talent these days seem to be bypassing rejection strip and are fulfilling their dreams in colorful creative ways.  So let’s dive into the top talent found on these top three social media platforms.

Platform #1 – YouTube and Top Dog YouTubers While there are many, many, many, many and even more times infinity YouTube videos about dogs and of dogs, we chose to pick a few who’s channel was actually about the dog, as the superstar of course!  

With 1.23 million YouTube subscribers and in their 5th season, Crusoe the Dachshund won the E! People’s Choice Award.  “Crusoe the Dachshund is a mini dachshund as you may have seen in his many cute and funny dog videos. Crusoe has over 4 million followers online, over 1.1 billion Facebook video views, 2018 People's Choice Award winner, and a New York Times Bestselling book, Crusoe is the "wiener dog extraordinaire" that who will surely brighten your day!”

With a lookalike Lassie and a her tiny pip-squeak sidekick, YouTube Channel: Dog & The City is next on our list with 1.26 million subscribers.  They may not be an award winning show, but the picturesque scenic adventures are breathtaking and will make you want to take a vacation to Colorado Springs for sure!  Could this be the next best modern day Lassie reality show? Next from the UK is K’eyush The Stunt Dog with 1.74 million subscribers, “…a husky/malamute cross with a huge sense of humor! He rolls at speed, fails to catch balls, has opinions on television adverts that he MUST sing to and loves to entertain! Key is a very smart dog, he learns new tricks very quickly and chooses whether to do them just as fast in true snowdog fashion! So watch their channel for high speed somersaults, weird and funny songs, and general humorous behavior from this hairy comedian!”  Every see a dog get picky about whether a vegetable is cooked or not?  Well now you will with this Andrew Dice Clay of all Canines!

Platform #2 - Dogstagrams on Instagram Thank goodness Instagram has made it easy for us to look for dogs with their clever hashtags so conveniently labeled #dogs, #dogsofinstagram, #doglovers, #puppies, #puppylove, etc.  But there have been some brow raising accounts that make me want to gush with puppy love at the seams.  America’s Next Top Model, lookout!  There seems to be some stiff competition just waiting to bust out on the modeling scene, aside from the Kennel club Professional Dog Shows of course.  Most popular Instagram account is Jiffpom (Instagram account: jiffpom) with over 10 million followers and is a Hollywood pop music video star.  He’s a puppy picture perfect Pomeranian for sure, and it might make you wonder if he’s even a real dog.  

Next on this canine star list is another People’s Choice Award Winner: Doug the Pug with 3.8 million followers (Instagram account: itsdougthepug).  He has a mug that any parent will love and might make your kids want a pug right this minute!  So, look with kids at your own risk.     Platform #3 - Dogs of Tik Tok Okay, so I must confess that I seriously do not have time to watch all the Tik Tok videos of dogs to figure out which ones are the best.  Therefore, I Googled this motherload and found great content others have posted already.  Some top dog accounts that are recommended to follow are: a pair of mini huskies @lifewithkleekai, @mochapom living down under, the unique @thewhiteredfox, and @kingsturge a startling doggie army of 10 whopping Chihuahuas! So, are you ready to make your canine pet an ultimate Tik Tok superstar?  It’s one of the best reasons to start an account, right?  Get your creative juices flowing, stay grounded with Mother Nature, and practice the ultimate game at being super-mom or dad with your puppy first.  Here are some Tik Tok super-stardom things to think about when first getting started: • What kind of story do you want to tell? • What kind of story challenges are there, to help you create your story? • What kind of music will you have?  (music video vs. background music) • Will you be engaging with your audience?  Remember to keep it positive and friendly. • Watch other channels for ideas, brainstorming, and connecting.  This is for fun so connecting with other like-minded individuals is very beneficial! • Use hashtags, special effects, and keep the clips to the 15-second short and sweet bit. Ultimately, you have the freedom to create something positive with your puppy.

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